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Fundraising activities are the lifeline of all charities. We rely heavily on the charitable actions of people, who wish to donate for a cause that they believe in. Charities face considerable hardship sometimes raising money, particularly in economic downturns when money is scarce. This has an impact on the projects that we support so it is vital to keep people interested and informed, and more importantly, to employ creativity in fundraising. Here are some of the ways in which you can help us and get involved. However, if you think you have an idea that you would like to share with us about fundraising or would like to fundraise for us, we would be delighted to hear from you.       

Charity Events 

There are many ways to fundraise, for example, we hold an annual sisters bazzar event at the London Muslim Centre.  We have a large number of people helping to promote the event by helping distribute flyers, spreading the word through contacts, Facebook and volunteering on the day of the event. The event is attended by an average of arounf 350 people. We work with some 40 different businesses that either sponsor us or hold stalls with us.  

Charity events are a fun way to fundraise. You could decide to hold a face painting or mehndi session to help raise funds, but if you do choose to run a charity event make sure you promote the Al-Ansari Foundation and its cause during the event. People should have fun at the event but also take some time to explain why you’re raising the money. Set up an information desk or do a short speech about your cause before the event starts. Your donors will have a good time and learn about a great charity too.

Online Fundraising

People are now easily reachable and are being informed online. What better way to conduct a fundraise than doing it online. It's easy and reachable by the public.

Create your fundraising page here.

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