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We are currently based in Zanzibar, where much of our work and focus has been over the past two years. However, we also have other projects in Africa such as the water project in Kitgum Uganda. Please click on the icons below to read more.

Recent Projects

Recent Projects We have embarked upon an ambitious and exciting number of projects this year.

Orphan Home Builds

Orphan Home Builds We commenced orphan home builds in 2012, and the popularity of this project has steadily grown. We build sustainable homes to orphan families.

Water Projects

Water Projects There are 345 million people who lack access to water in Africa. In 2013 we decided to launch our water programme. We have since provided water wells in over 30 remote areas in Zanzibar.

Orphan Education

Orphan Education We completed the build of an orphan school in Bumbwini, Africa in January 2014. The school is located on the rural north coast of Island of Unguja also known as Zanzibar.

School Projects

School Projects Madrasatul Juhudiya, in Zingwezingwe Africa was the first madrasah we built in 2010, but they still need our help to maintain it.

Feed the Poor Programme

Feed the Poor Programme We launched our feed the poor' programme in Ramadhan 2012, which has been a great success. We have had the privilege of distributing food amongst the poor on some of remotest islands in the region.

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