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Recent Projects

We have begun 2015 with a number of new projects such as a hand-dug well in the village of Masingini, and the building of a fishing boat to help fund our schools in Kizimkazi. We are also building a much needed madrasah on the island of Kokota and are scoping the possibility of providing drinking water for the Island, inhabited by less than 500 hundred people.

Masingini - Water Well Project




We have started building a water well in Masingini, which is located to the north of Stone Town, Zanzibar. The village faces a water crisis in the absence of clean drinking water. This is one of many water wells we have helped construct in the region over the years. They give access to clean water to hundreds of poor families living across the Zanzibar Island.

The villagers are reliant on getting water from water streams during the rain season.  Alternatively, if the villagers need water they have to travel on foot long distances especially in the non-rainy season. Whilst the government has installed water pipelines, these facilities are often switched off or only available to people who cannot afford to pay the water fees. The installation of this Water Well will serve 300 villagers as well as the inhabitants of the nearby villages.

Kizimkazi  - Fishing Boat





In 2013, we travelled to the south west of Zanzibar Island to a town called Kizimkazi where we invested in completing the build of a madrasah, which is now known as Al-Ansari Madrasah ('The Helper's School'). Two years on, over 200 children now study at the School under the tutelage of Head Teacher, Mr Yousuf.

We plan to build a fishing boat for fishermen, who will be employed to catch and sell fish, the profits of sales will then be injected back into supporting our projects like our schools in Kizimkazi, Bumbwini and on Kokota Island when the latest madrasah is completed next month. We hope that the schools will become self-sufficient over time.

Kokota Island








Water Crisis in Kokota

We are excited about our projects on Kokota Island, which is about 3 miles off the Western shore of Pemba. There are less than 500 people living on Kokota with no source of clean drinking water. Drinking wells cannot be dug without hitting salty, coral water. The locals survive by collecting rainwater and sending boats every day to Pemba to collect water in containers. They therefore spend 8-10 hours a day travelling in search of water to 'Wete,' in Pemba.

This is an Island in dire circumstances and we launched this project with the view to delivering a water solution to the Island later this year. There is a two fold remedy to this problem. We are looking into restoring a damaged rainwater tank, which consists of 4 chambers with total reserve capacity of 300,000 litres of water. We are awaiting on a report from engineers on the possibility of also bringing a water pipeline from Pemba to Kokota. 

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