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Feed the Poor Programme

Since launching our 'feed the poor programme' in Ramadhan 2012, our work has gone from strength to strength gathering a growing reputation in the region. We have had the privilege of distributing food to orphan and poor families across the Zanzibar and the Spice Islands such as Pemba, Tumbatu, and Uzi. The inhabitants of these islands are almost all 99% Muslim. They are largely ignored by the larger charities because they are not often subject to natural disasters, but are rather victims of every day poverty.

There are many orphans and widows on these islands like Pemba as the men often lose their lives fishing in the sea or drown crossing the Indian Ocean in search of food to the mainland due to treacherous conditions or ferry accidents. As an organisation, we are committed to ensure that our food campaigns reach the people that truly need our help. We are able to do this through our charity partners who work with us and are a local registered charity in their own right in Stone Town, Zanzibar.

Food packages

We have gone to extraordinary lengths to distribute to remote islands such as Tumbatu, which can only be reached at certain times of the day due to rising tides, which is perhaps one of the poorest islands in the region with only 2,000 inhabitants. Our food packages typically consist of rice, flour, oil, pasta etc. They are designed very generously to feed a family of 8 for a fortnight. We are able to do this since we use 100% of your donation towards the compilation of the food packages.   

Qurbani (Udhiya)

We now take donations for udhiya for Eidul-Adha and other times of the year when people wish to sacrifice an animal for some other reason such as observing the sunnah of Aqiqah for a newborn child. We are able to report back to the donor with photos of both the sacrifice and distribution within a few days of the order being placed.       

We are also able to customise food packages to feed a single orphan child for an entire month for as little as £14, or a family of 8 for a month for £40. The funds we use for our feed the poor programme derive mostly from zakah, particularly during ramadhan, but we also take donations for kaffarah and sadaqa throughout the year and this helps us continue to distribute food more consistently.



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