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School Projects

Our work in Africa started with the children of Zingwezingwe in 2010. When we first arrived they used to attend madrasah under an open shelter. There was no water and the shelter was inadequate for all seasons.  We ran a short successful campaign with our indigenious partners for the build and raised money to erect ‘Madrasatul Juhudiya’ as it is now called. We designed it for about 120 children. This number has now grown to around 140 with 30 adult students. It has 3 classrooms and an office with storage for books.

The madrasah now has a committee, which is run by 12 of the villagers, 5 of whom are women, whom we had the pleasure of meeting during our last visit in March 2012. Children are taught to recite the Quran with tajweed and to memorise correctly. They are also taught hadith, Islamic studies such as fiqh, seerah (the Biography of the Prophet (SAW), and the Arabic language. The adult programmes have grown alhamdulillah and we got a sense that the adults were just as eager to learn about Islam.

Although we started with Zingewezingwe, this now becomes the first of many projects that we have by the grace of Allah completed (alhamdulillah). We need your support to help maintain projects like these so do keep donating and helping us to change children's lives. To donate click here.  

The Kizimkazi Madrasah (School)

This project is one that we completed recently with the help of generous donors and fundraisers. Kizimkazi Dambani is a town that sits on the far southwest coast of the Island of Zanzibar. It has the first mosque ever to be built in Zanzibar. Persian traveller, Sheikh Abu Musa Al-Hassan bin Muhammad built the ‘the Old Mosque’ in 500 AH.

We stumbled upon this project and had no plans to go to Kizimkazi as we decided to visit the town for a different reason in March 2012. However, it was the will and the calling of Allah that we decided to go to Kizimkazi. Whilst there, we went to see the Old Mosque and it is there we met the Mua’dhin, who pleaded with us to visit the Madrasah in Kizimkazi.

When we arrived on the site, we found an unfinished breeze block madrasah that had stood for 7 years with no roof, windows, doors or toilets. Yet, over 120 children continued to attend. We found this very moving knowing that there must so much zeal to learn under such troubled conditions. We then decided to take the project on.

The Build

Since launching our campaign in Ramadhan 2012, we managed to raise enough funds to complete the roof as well as all other associated works. The Madrasah is now large enough to accommodate more than 140 children and we also raised enough to give the children a play area.

The Grand Mufti of Zanzibar formally opened the school in October 2012. Coincidentally, the name of the school just happened to be Al-Ansari Madrasah. For detailed pictures of the build from start to finish of the Madrasah as well as pictures of all our activities, please go onto our Faceook site by clicking here.


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