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Orphan Home Builds

Arwa's Home

We commenced orphan home builds in Ramadhan 2012, having approached by a donor who wished to spend zakah money on something other than food distribution. We found a poor orphan girl, who had been evicted from her paternal family home.

We decided to build a shelter for her and her orphan siblings who were being looked after by their Mother. The picture to the far right shows the pre-built foundation of the orphan home and the picture on the right was taken after the home was finished.


In 2013, we received news of a poverty stricken widow who lived with four children near to one of our schools in Bumbwini. She was liviing in dire conditions in a hut. We decided to help this family and a build a home for them.

We completed this project in Ramadhan 2013. It was welcome news to family who have never had a solid roof over their heads. The pictures below shows the transformation from the orphan's home built from straw and mud to a solid concrete 3 bedroom structure.


Before...                                                                  After...

How can you help?

If you wish to contribute towards an orphan home build and transform the lives of an orphan family, you can do this by making a one off donation. The cost of an orphan home build with 2 room and a toilet is approximately £1,500. Donate now via "My Donate" by clicking here. 




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