It's so easy to get rewards

This Ramadan, thousands of Muslims across Zanzibar will be without food and water. Many of them will be orphans.

But in just a few clicks, you can change their world. Feed the fasting and help orphans this Ramadan by donating now to Al Ansari Foundation.

This is how you can help

We’ve identified 2 key ways to help the people of Zanzibar – through food and orphan support. Without food, people simply can’t survive. Without orphan support, societies cannot change their futures and flourish.

A Ramadan Without Food

Last year, upon visiting Njoni Island during the last 10 days of ramadan to distribute food, we were disheartened to learn that 100 families on the remote island lacked even basic necessities like dates and noodles to break their fasts.

This year, our goal is to ensure that all families on the island have access to enough food throughout the entire month of Ramadan, so that no one goes hungry.

A charity you can trust

Will your donation actually reach the people who need it?

We know what you’re thinking. Can I trust a random charity on the internet? Well, here are a few examples of the difference already made by donors like you.


We’ve built over 145 water wells across Zanzibar, supplying water to 90,000 people


We’ve delivered over 60,000 food packs


We’ve supported over 10,000 orphans with food, education and shelter

The real reason you need to donate

If the person giving charity knew the reward behind it, he would be happier than the one receiving the charity. This is because there are so many benefits to giving charity in Islam.

🧼 It wipes away some of your sins.

😷 It protects you from calamities.

💸 It increases, not decreases, your wealth.