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About Us

We have been working on the Island of Zanzibar in Africa since 2010 when we completed our first madrasah in partnership with indigenous Zanzibarians living in London. We positively changed the course of the lives of 120 children in Zingwezingwe and the impact of that was so poignant that we decided to organise our work and fundraise through the medium of a registered charity. We accordingly registered our charity in 2012 with the Charities Commission in London. Our organisation is dedicated to children, orphans and their education.

We chose the name 'Al-Ansari' because the phrase in Arabic if transalated means literally ‘the Helper,’ or the ‘one who helps.’ It originates from the word Ansar (Arabic أنصار). Since setting up the charity, we have worked with other UK charities to help fundraise locally, and to deliver our pledges in Africa.

In 2012, we formed a partnership with Muzdalifah Islamic Charitable Organisation, which is a registered charity in Zanzibar with considerable expertise in orphan support, madrasah building and ramadhan programmes. We now have a number of dedicated people working exclusively on our projects both here in the UK and in Zanzibar. 

We work tirelessly for the sake of gaining the pleasure of Allah (SWT) and hope that you will be inspired by our charitable work and join us in our endeavours to make a difference to the lives of children in one of the poorest countries in the world.

The Al-Ansari Foundation,

Board of Trustees.



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