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Water Projects

Water Giving                                                                                                


There are 345 million people who lack access to water in Africa. In 2013 we decided to launch our water programme. We have since provided water wells/reservoirs to a number of remote villages and islands.


In the island of Tumbattu, the Jongowe people were struggling for water supplies as the water around them is very salty with no steams located near by. We built a purpose built water reservoir to serve the village benfitting a masjid and a madrasah, which had over 500 students. The picture adjacent shows Tumbattu's water reserves, which we then replaced with a water reservoir.

Meya & Kasuni

These are small villages in Zanzibar, which lacked a local, stable, fresh water source as is the case with half of the population in Tanzania. We installed a hand-drilled water well facilitating access to an entire village consisting of over 1,000 people. 

Water Tanks

The easiest and most cost effective ways in which we can help deliver fresh drinking water to people is by building water tanks, which typically work as per the diagram below:

How can you help?

Water projects are very popular and the returns on these are significant given the continuous benefit a water tank has the potential to serve the local indigenious people of Tanzania.

It is easy to get involved and you can donate a water tank for as little as £2,000. You do not have to raise this money yourself, it can be a combined effort from you and your family or you can easily raise the money amongst a group of friends.

Why Give Water?

Aside from the humanitarian rationale that needs no introduction, there are numerous ahadith on the virtues of giving people water regardless of their faith among which is a narration by Sa’d ibn ‘Ubada (radi allahu anhu), who said:

“Messenger of Allah! Umm Sa`d my mother died, what is the best charity (on her behalf)?” The Prophet (sallalahu alaihi wasalam) replied: “Water.” So Sa’d dug a well and said: “This is for Umm Sa’d.”

(Narrated by Abu Dawud, al-Nasa'i, Ibn Majah, (At-Tabaraanee), and Ahmad with a sound chain.

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