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Supporting Children

Al-Ansari Foundation / Supporting Children
Empower Children

We believe in empowering children through education and healthcare to end the cycle of poverty. We build schools and madrasas to give children a fighting chance in poverty-stricken regions. Our education initiatives facilitate the platform that poor children need for their educational development in clean and safe environments.

We have now several schools throughout Zanzibar located in Bumbwini, Bambi, Kokota Island and Kizimkazi. We partner with rural community leaders to form committees that run the schools, this makes our schools sustainable and helps to extend the longevity of our projects through initiatives from community members and parents.

Support Education

We not only invest in the education of children, we ensure that the poorest children do not start school or madrasa on an empty stomach. We run programmes that enable children to have breakfast when they arrive at school, which sometimes is the only full meal these children have throughout the day. We also take care of the healthcare needs with initiatives that involve partnering up with local hospitals, so our children can access medical care.

Help us make a difference to the lives of children in Africa, who can only dream of education. We build the schools, take care of the fees and their healthcare needs, so they can concentrate on their education. Support us to help children in Africa, donate, or raise funds to enable a child to have an education, the most powerful gift you can give to a child.