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About Our Work

Al-Ansari Foundation / About Our Work

01Our Vision

We are a small charity with an aspiring vision to alleviate poverty, to provide healthcare and education to children, and to provide clean, safe and sustainable water to developing Africa. Here are some facts about us:

  • The name ‘Al-Ansari’ literally means ‘the Helpers’. In Zanzibar, we are known as the ‘Al-Ansar’ and we even have folk songs dedicated to us!
  • We are a registered UK Charity based in the UK and therefore regulated by the Charities Commission;
  • We work exclusively on the island of Zanzibar, which is just off the coast of Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, East Africa;

02Our Projects

We have delivered numerous projects since we started to work in Zanzibar in 2010. They range from orphan sponsorship to orphan home builds, hand-dug water wells, to income generation projects. Here are a number of projects we have delivered recently:

A school on the remote island of Kakota;

ICT Centre on the Island of Tumbattu;

Schools and madrasas on the Island of Zanzibar;

Dozens of income generation projects;

Water wells in 70 different locations that serve some 30,000 people a day.

03Our Promise

Without you, we could not possibly do any of the work we do, so your trust in us is not just invaluable, but it is essential. Our promise to you is that:

  • We will continue to maintain our 100% donation policy and only use the gift aid we receive on your donation to fund administrative expenses;
  • We will be transparent with the work we do on your projects and not only will we show you evidence of delivery, we welcome you to visit to see for yourself;
  • In Swahili they say ‘tuko pamoja,’ which means ‘we are together.’ Together we will deliver on our promises to provide clean water, alleviate poverty and educate children.

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