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Mosque Build in Tanzania

Al-Ansari Foundation / Mosque Build in Tanzania


Join Our Quest to Build Masjid Hudaa in Morogoro, Tanzania

Al Ansari Foundation is building a mosque for the Muslim residents of Morogoro, Tanzania, and we need your help.

Masjid Hudaa is a vision that is fast becoming a reality. Inshallah, on completion, this simple structure will live up to its name: Hudaa meaning “right/righteous guidance”. With your help and duas, this mosque will be a guiding light in this area and for the people who will use it.

Donate to this mosque building project and together we can build a Masjid where it is desperately needed. The Muslims in Morogoro will have a place to come together; and to use as a community hub, but most importantly, your fellow Muslims will have a place to perform salaah together. The mosque will also be used for female educational classes and for Janazah services for the local community.

The completed structure will comfortably accommodate up to four hundred worshippers in an area that is impoverished and lacks many basic services. Your mosque donation will help build a new structure that will spiritually uplift the worshippers and become the heart of the community. Yes, with Allah’s help and your duas and support, this is possible.

The Importance of Prayer at a Mosque

Praying salaah in a masjid does much to instil brotherhood and a sense of community, but the spiritual rewards of praying salaah in congregation is much greater. The famous hadith of our beloved Prophet Muhammad recorded by Sahih Bukhari (Sahih Al Bukhari 1: Ch 21, Hadith 1190):

“A prayer in Al-Aqsa Mosque is given the reward of 500 prayers elsewhere, while a prayer in the Prophet’s Mosque in Madinah earns the reward of 1000 prayers, and in the Haram inMakkah a prayer is given a reward equal to that of 100,000 prayers.” Subhanallah!

It is further noted that a prayer at any mosque is the equivalent of 27 prayers elsewhere. Your mosque donation will increase the rewards of a worshipper twenty-seven times; and your rewards too, In Sha Allah. Donate Now.

Build a Masjid and Allah will Build you a House in Jannah

Maximise your Sadaqah Jariyah rewards by making a mosque donation towards this worthy cause. This simple structure will house worshippers, while you earn the rewards that are promised.

“Whoever builds a mosque for Allah, Allah will build for him a house like it in Paradise.”

This hadith of the Prophet Muhamad (PBUH), reported by Sahih al-Bukhari and Sahih Muslim guarantees this. Imagine your house ready and waiting for you in Jannah. Alhamdulillah, what more can we hope for? And all because, today you decided to help towards building a mosque.

Masjid Hudaa Progress

We are more than halfway through this building project. See images and videos of the progress here. We need to complete the ceiling and electrical installation, before plastering and final finishes. Then, we also need contributions towards basic furniture and kitting out the facilities.

Our target is £25,000 and we have raised just over £18,000 from generous donors in USA, Oman, the UK and many other countries. It’s the last stretch now and we are anxious to complete and hand over the mosque to this deserving Muslim community. Any amount is welcome. Your mosque donation now, however big or small, will earn you Sadaqah Jariyah rewards for eternity.

How to Donate

Donating is easy and secure. You may contribute any amount, either to a particular part of the building or towards other expenses. Decide how much you can afford and select from the options below:

  • Bricks and Mortar: £19, £25, £100, £250 towards building completion. Donate
  • Reap the Rewards: £500 towards gifts for the Imam and management team who have worked tirelessly and sacrificed much to build Masjid Hudaa. Donate
  • Decorate and Furnish: £1,000 is needed complete the electrical installation and finishes. Donate
  • Reach the Heights of Reward: £1,000 for roof structure and plastering of the masjid ceiling. Donate
  • Make a donation for any other amount as Sadaqah. Donate

Remember Al Ansari Foundation has a 100% donation policy, so every pound goes directly to the project. You are assured that every penny of your mosque donation will be used to build this mosque. Our operating expenses are covered, Subhanallah. Earn maximum Sadaqah Jariyah rewards by donating to this beautiful project now.

You may contribute directly on our website, via bank transfer OR through our project page on LaunchGood.Com.

Share, Share, Share!

Share this information and our pages with your networks. Give friends and family an opportunity to also earn Sadaqah Jariyah rewards and contribute to build a masjid too. Remember, you may donate anonymously, in your name, or the name of a loved one.


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